Loving Light Sanctuary offers several types of massages and are combined with various degrees of energy work. To enhance the energetic support of a session, the use of mandalas with their corresponding high frequency oils, the remedies of Liquid Light Frequencies, New Age Flower remedies, crystals, crystal bowl and drumming are used when the need arises.

From these various methods, a massage and/or healing session is customized or a tailored series of support program may be developed according to a person’s current physical condition or state of well-being. This will help to restore balance and connection within the physical, emotional, mental and energy bodies and to support one’s inner journey into wholeness.

The oils used for the sessions are from Utsukusy, Chi and Jacob Hooy brands.

Massage benefits are both preventive for maintaining good health and enhances recovery from certain illnesses or injuries. It is advisable to have a full body massage to receive a sessions’ utmost benefits, although a massage focused on problem areas is also beneficial.

Below is a list of the familiar benefits of massage:
• Makes the muscles, tendons and joints more supple
• Improves blood circulation
• Stimulates the release of lymphatic fluids and toxins
• Helps in recovering from fatigue and stress when received twice a week
• Relieves stress
• Helps corrects body alignment
• Strengthens the immune system when received once a week
• Strengthens the endocrine system when received twice a week
• Helps in restoring energy and balance and maintain a healthy condition

Below are the massages being offered:
• Relaxing and Deep Pressure Energy massage
• Pregnancy massage
• Chair massage

Should the description resonate with you, please feel welcome to book a session.
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• Send an email to info@lovinglightsanctuary.com
• Call/sms/whatsapp at +31 6 22 66 99 98

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