Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy can be a wonderful experience which also brings numerous changes to a woman’s overall system. The feeling of joy when expecting a baby may also be coupled by the physical discomforts and hormonal changes.

Pregnancy massage helps the expectant mother to return to their center and further enhances the connection with their child. This is also a moment when a woman’s sensitivity is heightened and experiences other aspects of herself as she faces the new role of becoming a mother.

A relaxing massage supports the expectant mother by going deeper within herself and provides the following potential benefits:
• Relieves discomfort in the neck and shoulder areas
• Relieves back and hip pain
• Relieves joint pain
• Reduces edema
• Reduces muscle tension and headaches
• Reduces cramping in the legs and calves
• Reduces tiredness and nausea
• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Improves oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles
• Improves circulation
• Improves sleep

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