It has been quite a journey gifted with many lessons and people to help remind me in staying strong in my own energy and to live my life through my most authentic essence. To all of you, my heartfelt gratitude!

To my precious lovely daughter, thank you for being a constant source of love, lessons, strength, joy and inspiration!

To my Angel sister Tanja, thank you for your purity, love and freedom of friendship! Please always believe in your gift wonderful Soul!

To Madeline and Jacqueline, thank you for sharing your vast spiritual knowledge and wisdom! Every encounter with you both is a source of learning and deep spiritual insight. All the sessions we shared were truly journeys of remembering.

To my Mama, brothers, direct and extended families and friends, thank you for the love, support and constant source of life’s lessons.

To Melanie, thank you so much for mentoring me! Many thanks too for sharing your expertise, your constant trust, lovely heart, appreciation and the opportunities. It has helped me so much, more than you’ll ever know.

To Aaron, thank you for your patience and openness while coordinating with the design of the logo, marcoms materials and website. It is simply wonderful that you also have the same understanding of what I do.

To my Earth Angel friend Angela, thank you for your true friendship, openness and trust!

To Susan, thank you for your friendship, thoughtfulness, support, trust, care and generosity! Know that you are deeply appreciated.

And to my clients, thank you for the continuous support and for keeping Loving Light Sanctuary in the flow!

A big diamond heart hug to all of you,

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